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Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has formed an institutional framework for implementing the strategy which may be governed by following committees;

Steering Committee: This Committee shall be responsible for the overall policy making, implementation and supervision of achievements of the National strategy. The Steering Committee will be headed by Chairman, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC).

Steering Committee (Not as per seniority) :
1. Chairman, BSEC, Convener;
2. Commissioner-1, BSEC, Member;
3. Commissioner-2, BSEC, Member;
4. Commissioner-3, BSEC, Member;
5. Commissioner-4, BSEC, Member;
6. Chairman, DSE, Member;
7. Chairman, CSE, Member;
8. Chairman, CDBL, Member;
9. President, BAPLC, Member;
10. Mr. Md. Saifur Rahman, Executive Director, BSEC.

Technical Committee: A Technical Committee has been established as a specialized Committee, which will work under the supervision of the Steering Committee and will lead the overall activities of implementation of the policy through making the program, projects and action plans, conducting research, fixing groups and targets, determining methods, techniques and materials, forming working groups, selecting and developing workforce and trainers.

Technical Committee (Not as per seniority) :
1. Mr. Md. Mahbubul Alam, Executive Director, BSEC, Convener;
2. Mr. Ripon Kumar Debnath, Director, BSEC, Member;
3. Mr. Md. Abul Kalam, Director, BSEC, Member;
4. Mrs. Farhana Faruqui, Director, BSEC, Member;
5. Managing Director, DSE, Member;
6. Managing Director, CSE, Member;
7. Managing Director, CDBL, Member;
8. President/Secretary, DSE Broker-Deal Association, Member;
9. President/Secretary, ICAB, Member;
10. President/Secretary, ICMAB, Member;
11. President/Secretary, ICSB, Member;
12. President/Secretary, CFA Society, Member;
13. President, BMBA, Member;
14. President, Asset Management Companies and Mutual Fund Association, Member;
15. Executive President, Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM), Member;
16. Mr. Md. Ohidul Islam, Deputy Director, Member-Secretary.